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      With the changes in today’s real estate market, many people feel home ownership is out of reach. That is simply not the case. This book moves beyond current market fluctuations and refocuses the reader on the home as shelter and as a lifetime investment. The reader is provided the foundationsteps of maintaining good credit, saving for a down payment and the skills todevelop when purchasing a home.
      Let’s Buy a House teaches the reader how to select and buy a house. It includes internet search techniques as well as the roles of the real estate broker, mortgage loan officer, real estate attorney,and home inspector. Click to Buy book
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     All contracts are explained in detail including the Offer to Purchase, Purchase and Sales Agreement, and HUD-1 Closing Report.  A complete discussion of mortgage options is included as are strategies for selling a home and ensuring the reader’s primary residence is mortgage free at retirement. The addendum provides tutorials on the recent recession, financial calculations in Excel and on the HP-12c financial calculator, creating a budget, sinking funds, and a planning tool for life insurance. A review of condominium ownership is also provided. Real estate as acomponent of lifetime planning completes the knowledge base.